A dog or cat dental cleaning at our hospital is much more than just removing tartar from the teeth. Our goal is to restore your pet’s mouth to its normal, fresh, healthy state. Having your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned is the single most important medical treatment you can give that will result in long-term health. We are passionate about veterinary dentistry. Studies show periodontal disease results in significant injury to a dog or cat’s liver and kidneys. No other organ system is more important than the oral cavity. At Vine Animal Hospital, we are serious about keeping your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible.

Each cleaning performed at Vine Animal Hospital includes the following steps:

  • A general exam
  • An oral exam
  • Pre-operative organ testing, based on age
  • Use of an IV catheter and fluids
  • Use of Propofol anesthesia, intubation and in-depth monitoring
  • Assistance by only Registered Veterinary Technicians

Each dentistry involves:

  • Calculus removal from the crown through sub-gingival scaling
  • Curettage where indicated
  • Teeth polishing
  • Digital dental X-ray
  • Therapy, if indicated

Home care instruction on oral hygiene, featuring a post-procedure meeting with the technician to review teeth brushing or other custom-designed recommendations.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Radiography is critical for accurate evaluation of periodontal disease, as 60% of the disease is hidden below the gum line. Our mobile digital X-ray machine allows us to diagnose tooth root abscesses, resorptive lesions and other oral pathology, as well as evaluate the extent of bone loss and tooth fractures. None of this could be accomplished by visualization alone. Dental radiographs are an important tool in helping your pet achieve and maintain good oral health.

Dentistry is a vital part of your pet’s heath care. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions!

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  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA
  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years. We always feel questions are welcome, and Dr. Anderson spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether we are in the office or just speaking on the telephone. Dr. Anderson always knows our pets’ special needs and personalities to provide them the best possible care."
    The Miller Family

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